Get Involved

Feeling inspired?

You can make a huge difference to any of the types of group mentioned in community benefit. Take that next step.

In business? There's a vast number of things you could be doing that supports a range of groups and organisations, from sports teams to group initiatives for supporting those with learning difficulties and it doesn't all necessarily need to be directly financial. Of course, financial support is hugely appreciated by these groups and if it's something you can do rather as devote resources or space then do it! Money to these groups can go towards space for their training, events and activities, potentially towards trips, or extra days training/out. It could end up spent on new materials or upgrading equipment.

However, if you would rather offer services, time or other resources to these groups it would be equally beneficial. This could be offering to repair equipment, providing them with assistance with marketing or providing workshop classes, for example.

A person? Just because you can't necessarily sponsor a group or organisation financially, there's an incredible amount you can do to offer your help and assistance. There's very rarely not room for more help wherever it is you might be interested! Sports teams are usually going to be needing more assistance so you can help coaching with different age groups, whether that's football or netball (if you're lucky, the club might even pay for you to get some coaching qualifications). On top of this, groups and charities such as the Food Bank or charities around mental health, addiction or supporting vulnerable groups would be happy to have your time.