Shetlanders In Focus

Shetlanders in focus gives us an opportunity to highlight some of the accomplishments and journeys some Shetlanders have been on. We want to hear stories of achievements across business, their careers, volunteering commitments and everything in between!

Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear how Shetland, the people, the opportunities and the organisations across our beautiful Islands played their part in moulding some of the stories and achievements. 

We are also deeply passionate about highlighting the young people in Shetland and the huge achievements many of them have made - the stars of the Islands Games, the creatives making their way into business, the high achieving university graduates and those who are playing vital roles in Shetland's biggest and smallest companies and groups. 

We have a wealth of wonderful people from Shetland, and who call Shetland their home, and they deserve to have a story told.

Shetlanders In Focus Blog Posts

One Creators Journey From Shetland To Working With The UK's Biggest Social Media Stars


Edward Hallam is a Sheffield-born, Shetland-raised filmmaker and social media manager who has worked with some of the UK’s most recognisable Internet stars. The 19-year old spoke with us as he heads back to Glasgow after a 3-month stint working with Morgz, the YouTube star with over 10m subscribers and countless viral videos.

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