Shetland Culture

Shetland oozes culture, history and heritage. Events across many centuries and passed down through many generations continue to shape and evolve in Shetland life today. From the music, to the clothing and the Vikings – Shetland loves to celebrate them.

The talent of musicians in Shetland goes far and wide so it makes for one absolute cracker of a weekend once a year when the Shetland Folk Festival comes around, a truly leading showcase of talent with people flocking from around the World to come and both perform and see what’s happening.

We celebrate Shetland Wool Week, which shows off Shetland knitting past and present, and the world’s most famous Viking fire festival comes around at the start of every year in the form of Up Helly Aa.

Both of which are huge successes and epitomise what Shetland is truly capable of when it comes together and supports one another.

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What Is Up Helly Aa & What Does It Mean To Shetlanders?


Shetland is steeped in tradition & Shetlanders have no trouble celebrated it. From the Folk Festival, to Wool Week, with Boat Week in between! The first of the year, and arguably the biggest of the lot, comes Up Helly Aa. What is it and what does it mean to the people of Shetland?

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