Educational Excellence

Educational opportunities in Shetland are vast, immensely valuable and popular within Shetland. Shetland boasts a leading fisheries college in Scalloway, the NAFC, which has a very successful Merchant Navy Cadet Officer Cadet Programme where sponsoring companies pay for the training and work experience of cadets over a 3-year period. This allows students to 'earn while they learn' and get invaluable sea experience over the duration of their course.

The Shetland College offers degree-level courses across a number of areas meaning students can complete a degree on the island before pursuing a broad range of thriving industry in Shetland too, including technology, business and agriculture. This means those who want to achieve higher-level education no longer have to necessarily leave the Islands to get it, which was the norm not so long ago.

Away from traditional higher educational opportunities, there’s a wealth of opportunity in terms of modern and graduate apprenticeships across a number of trades from a number of companies in Shetland. The Shetland Islands Council take on a vast number of apprentices each year as do many local companies, with school leavers having opportunities to go down a number of trade routes, whether that be to become a joiner, plumber, electrician, car mechanic or hairdresser to name a few!

Educational Excellence Blog Posts

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