Disability Initiatives

Shetland's empowerment of sport, education and culture is something that is mirrored when it comes equal opportunities. Shetland's incredible for supporting those with learning difficulties and this comes in the form of a number of events, funding for schools and organisations, training and employment. There's a number of initiatives and very successful award-winning social enterprises across Shetland.

Shetland's largest social enterprise is Cope Ltd, which looks to empower everyone, and they have a number of new and long-standing ventures that are very important to the Shetland business community. This includes the popular Shetland Home Co, the famous Shetland Soap Company and Shetland Kitchen Co, which provides sandwiches, wraps and more to shops across Shetland. They provide employment and training opportunities to those with learning difficulties, allowing them to earn, work and thrive in safe working environments. 

Disability Shetland are another great example. They run a host of events and activities that looks to bring people together to provide fun and social opportunities. These activites can range from weekly sports clubs, outings and more. While funding is available from grants and government organisations, they really thrive with donations from the Shetland public and the multitude of volunteers that help them run.


Disability Initiatives Blog Posts

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Disability Shetland is a charity which provides direct support to children, families and adults with disabilities and additional support needs. Responding to identified needs, they run groups, clubs and create personal programmes for individuals

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