Team Shetland aims to showcase the togetherness of the Shetland community to drive success across sport, business, education and much more. We wanted to create a hub of information detailing how business, organisations and a range of initiatives interlink to generate success.

We thought it was often overlooked how important one another are to each other in the Shetland community because it’s quite simply the norm in Shetland, this comes in the form of businesses sponsoring sports teams or events, people volunteering at any range of activities or groups or quite simply the entire of Shetland coming together to generate success for an event or an organisation which happens every year with the likes of Up Helly Aa and Da Voar Redd Up.

The website was built by JLP, this includes the content and the community benefit highlights (which will be continually added as we move forward) but the website and desire for the website initially came from Tetra Capita.

Tetra Capita Enterprise C.I.C, a community interest company, said they thought Shetland is a “community-focused Island where collaboration and teamwork is crucial to our success in the modern World.”

The added “We are all stakeholders in our future. This has always existed and it is more of a celebration of our shared ethos with the Team Shetland website from sources and activities that already exist.”

After deliberation, all of us at JLP Internet thought it was a road worth exploring and set about looking into how much work this would require. Furthermore, we began to really research what all really did go on in Shetland and we were absolutely blown away.

The level of support from businesses and people in terms of financial support, providing resources and time to a whole range of organisations, events and initiatives is staggering. I can’t necessarily say this as absolute fact, and without sounding cliché, I don’t think there’s anywhere quite like it in The World.

With this information, we realised we needed something that showcased Shetland’s togetherness and how one person or businesses support towards any said organisation or group can change lives. This is something we should be grateful for and cherish because it’s truly incredible!

We reached out to Ross Stopper at Hot Gecko Media to discuss the design work, including the visual design of the website itself as well as branding and a general conversation about the project and if it was something he'd have confidence in to showcase some of Shetland's accomplishments as a community while aiming to inspire the next wave of volunteers and sponsors. It was an idea that Ross was really keen on and thus set about creating some designs to work with.

And with that, welcome to Team Shetland! Follow the #TeamShetland hashtag across all Social Media and you'll soon hear about updates and the like. Alternatively, you can check back here for more content, blogs and case studies!