Da Voar Redd Up & Why Shetlanders Make It A Success

Dunna Chuck Bruck, run by Shetland Amenity Trust is the coordinator of Shetland’s annual clean-up of roadsides, beaches and everywhere in between. Known as Da Voar Redd Up, the event has brought together the population of Shetland every year for 32 years, with around 20% (around 4,500 people!) of Shetland’s population participating, thus making it the UK’s most successful community litter pick. Around 2,000 tonnes of plastic have been removed by Shetlanders over the years, which is staggering.

We as Shetlanders are fully aware of the current scares with climate change and are equally as passionate about the place in which we live, these two aspects accompanying one another makes it a no-brainer that the annual event is such an astounding success. However, its success is fully dependent on the people of Shetland, in terms of volunteers and of course, supporting businesses.

There’s no monetary incentive or gain that comes from volunteering, the pull of being together and working towards the collective goal of looking after our beautiful collection of Islands is enough for the people of Shetland.

Without these people, there’s no way an event of such scale could take place and have the success it does. It’s estimated around 13,500 volunteer hours were committed in the 2019 Voar Redd Up, the equivalent of around £120,000 as paid work (based on the Scottish Living Wage).  As well as the huge volumes of volunteers, businesses play a big part too, providing lots of different support. This includes resources such as bags and their time. For example, Augean North Sea Services sorts and recycles as much of the waste as they can.

The community spirit has made an enormous positive contribution to Shetland’s environment, pollution levels, wildlife, residents and visitors to Shetland.  

You can find out more about this by visiting their website here. We'd also love to hear what you think about this and other projects and organisations that bring the community together, hashtag #TeamShetland across social media such as TwitterFacebook and Instagram! We'll see you there...