Shetland's Arts: How Musicians, Comedians & Entertainers Shifted Their Focus During the Pandemic


With the future of their passions and loves in doubt, Shetland’s musicians, comedians and entertainers would find ways to shift their talent to provide something in some form for those in Shetland, locked down with worry at what was happening around them.

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New Ventures, Expansions & The Return – How Da Street Fought Back


As the pandemic continued to surge throughout the country, the governments of both the United Kingdom and Scotland finally took the step to put the nation into lockdown. Non-essential shops were forced to close their doors to customers and the population were told that they would only be allowed to go out for essentials and for their one piece of daily exercise.

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Shetland Stands Together Against A Global Pandemic


The introduction to a series of features detailing Shetland and it's people coming together to support the communities that build us up as the COVID-19 pandemic took the world to its knees.

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One Creators Journey From Shetland To Working With The UK's Biggest Social Media Stars


Edward Hallam is a Sheffield-born, Shetland-raised filmmaker and social media manager who has worked with some of the UK’s most recognisable Internet stars. The 19-year old spoke with us as he heads back to Glasgow after a 3-month stint working with Morgz, the YouTube star with over 10m subscribers and countless viral videos.

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What Is Up Helly Aa & What Does It Mean To Shetlanders?


Shetland is steeped in tradition & Shetlanders have no trouble celebrated it. From the Folk Festival, to Wool Week, with Boat Week in between! The first of the year, and arguably the biggest of the lot, comes Up Helly Aa. What is it and what does it mean to the people of Shetland?

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The Football Club Doing It All On & Off The Park


Football is a massive part of Shetland's sporting life and no club comes together quite like The Jags. Lerwick Thistle have had recent successes on the park but the things they do off it is what really sets them apart.

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Ocean Kinetics & Modern Apprenticeships: Benefiting Shetland Now & Later


Every year, we see a wealth of modern apprenticeship opportunities arise in Shetland and each role is hotly-contested by Shetland’s budding and aspiring mechanics, joiners, plumbers, hairdressers and more, as everyone looks to start on the path to being fully qualified without the need for years of studying.

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The Shetland College Is A Treasure Trove Of Opportunity


The Shetland College plays a pivotal role in Shetland’s educational ecosystem, something I hadn’t fully appreciated until I began to research the most northern partner of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

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How Volunteers Are The Backbone Of Disability Shetland


Disability Shetland is a charity which provides direct support to children, families and adults with disabilities and additional support needs. Responding to identified needs, they run groups, clubs and create personal programmes for individuals

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Da Voar Redd Up & Why Shetlanders Make It A Success


Dunna Chuck Bruck, run by Shetland Amenity Trust is the coordinator of Shetland’s annual clean-up of roadsides, beaches and everywhere in between.

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Why We Started Team Shetland


Team Shetland aims to showcase the togetherness of the Shetland community to drive success across sport, business, education and much more. We wanted to create a hub of information detailing how business, organisations and a range of initiatives interlink to generate success.

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