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What is Team Shetland?

Team Shetland looks to act as a hub for detailing and showcasing Shetland's togetherness as a community across sport, business and more. Team Shetland wants to be a show-off for a number of areas that Shetland excels at together, supporting one another in creating opportunity and success.

It's often taken for granted the sheer amount that goes on across different organisations in Shetland as opposed to anywhere else in the World in terms of businesses supporting local causes, sports groups and events and the level of volunteering goes side-by-side with that.

We also often take for granted the sporting facilities themselves, the educational opportunities and everything else that comes with that. Team Shetland looks to truly give credit where credit is due in terms of businesses, organisations and individuals supporting other businesses, organisations and individuals as everyone grows together in being an active community. You can find out more about some of these through our community case studies, and blog posts.

The Team Shetland website will be a digital vitrine for everything achieved together in business, academics, sports and continuing to show how it all fits together!

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Shetland's Arts: How Musicians, Comedians & Entertainers Shifted Their Focus During the Pandemic


With the future of their passions and loves in doubt, Shetland’s musicians, comedians and entertainers would find ways to shift their talent to provide something in some form for those in Shetland, locked down with worry at what was happening around them.

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Very disappointing to hear that next year’s Island Games are cancelled. It was shaping up to be a great contest in Guernsey. Coronavirus you can do one!! We push on! #islandgames #athletics #guernsey #guernsey2021 #teamshetland
September 2020 - The 1st “race gear photo” of the year!! Crazy! Orkney 10k here we come!! The last time I ran in Orkney, their media referred to me as “The Shetland Invader.” I very much intend to spoil the party again, but I know that Orkney’s athletes will be ready for the challenge. 60 runners, 10k, 1 race - Let’s go!! @fontanafituk #BelieveInTheBobble #shetland #teamshetland #shetlandislands #shetlandathletics #orkney #10k #10krun #running #runningmotivation #runnersofinstagram #thebeardtobefeared #fueledbyscience
Our latest #TeamShetland feature looks at how Da Street fought back as the country went into lockdown. 

From new businesses within @everestthainoodlebar & Nodsterna through to the expansion of @islandlarder, Emma Miller from @realtaevents & @livinglerwick spoke to us about it all as shops and businesses began welcoming people back. 

Check the link in our bio for the full feature!


It’s been far too long, but I’m looking forward to getting back on a start line again. This Sunday, I’ll line up in the Dounby 10k in Orkney for what will be my 1st road race since last years Island Games. 60 athletes will make up the field and will be set off in 2 groups of 30. It will be very difficult to take the smile from my face when the starting gun sounds. I look forward to a great race. #BelieveInTheBobble #Shetland #shetlandislands #runnersofinstagram #athletics #runningmotivation #roadrunning #teamshetland
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