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What is Team Shetland?

Team Shetland looks to act as a hub for detailing and showcasing Shetland's togetherness as a community across sport, business and more. Team Shetland wants to be a show-off for a number of areas that Shetland excels at together, supporting one another in creating opportunity and success.

It's often taken for granted the sheer amount that goes on across different organisations in Shetland as opposed to anywhere else in the World in terms of businesses supporting local causes, sports groups and events and the level of volunteering goes side-by-side with that.

We also often take for granted the sporting facilities themselves, the educational opportunities and everything else that comes with that. Team Shetland looks to truly give credit where credit is due in terms of businesses, organisations and individuals supporting other businesses, organisations and individuals as everyone grows together in being an active community. You can find out more about some of these through our community case studies, and blog posts.

The Team Shetland website will be a digital vitrine for everything achieved together in business, academics, sports and continuing to show how it all fits together!

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Ocean Kinetics & Modern Apprenticeships: Benefiting Shetland Now & Later


Every year, we see a wealth of modern apprenticeship opportunities arise in Shetland and each role is hotly-contested by Shetland’s budding and aspiring mechanics, joiners, plumbers, hairdressers and more, as everyone looks to start on the path to being fully qualified without the need for years of studying.

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Our latest #TeamShetland feature is on the Shetland College. They play a massive part in setting up Shetland’s students and youths up to play a huge part in Shetland’s thriving industry. 
We also made mention of Rhea Kay, who was named the Student of the Year last year after completing her degree (all while starting on a skills for work course!). The link is in our bio for you to check out!
Another @bressayparkrunuk completed yesterday. My highlight isn’t just the running, I like to go back out onto the route after my run and encourage those on the final section. Running is like medicine to me, when I’ve had a tough day I can get out on the roads and feel more like myself again, and @parkrunuk  has played a massive part in that. 📸Bressay Parkrun photographer. #Shetland #shetlandislands #bressayparkrun #loveparkrun #believeinthebobble #actuallyautistic #shetlandrunning #TeamShetland
On a qu
A new feature on our #TeamShetland website, this time looking at Disability Shetland and how volunteers are helping the group change lives.

Check our bio for the article!
Many people asked me at the #islandgames why I wear the hat. So here’s the story behind it. I wanted a new hat for running, so instead of your typical runners hat, my wife gave me the idea about wearing a Fair Isle woollen toorie. So we went to one of the knitwear shops in our capital #lerwick and my wife picked out the hat that you see me wear. I happened to wear it for a very cold #Shetland cross country race and from there I became the “Toorie cap runner”. 📸 David Parody #shetlandislands #toorie #believeinthebobble #islandgames2019 #gibraltar2019 #gibraltar #halfmarathon #runnersofinstagram #TeamShetland #natwestislandgames
Gibraltar 2019 🇬🇮🐒 Always a privilege to be part of #teamshetland and couldn’t ask for a better bunch to play alongside. An amazing team effort saw us perform beyond expectation and finish 6th overall in the badminton. Onwards and upwards from here! 🥇🥈🥉 #gibraltar2019 #islandgames
Back home in #Shetland after competing at the #islandgames in #gibraltar. Loved being part of a fantastic Shetland team and getting to run in the #halfmarathon, even managing to put my toorie (bobble hat) on for the final track lap. Thank you Gibraltar for a great event. Onwards and upwards to the next race 📸David Parody. #athletics #runnersofinstagram #teamshetland #believeinthebobble #gibraltar2019 #islandgames2019 #gibraltarrunning
Watching the medals come in #interislandgames #islandgames2019 #teamshetland #homesupport #athletics #goldmedal #bronzemedal

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